Getting back on track with the back fat cronicles

Since my last update a few weeks ago I have continued to struggle and have lost no weight (but also not gained – yay!). I did go to the gym once, and did some running training once and have improved my water intake. So I see all of those as positives, but I am still not being consistent.

I think I need new reasons for losing weight. Looking good, and being able to do a push up on my toes isn’t doing it for me. I need to do it for health. To lower my risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I also want to have a baby in the next few years and it’s important to me to be at my goal weight and fit when I get pregnant.

Sure, I want to be hot too, but I have a boyfriend who thinks I’m hot already so I’m doing this for health now. Seems so simple, why didn’t I think of these reasons properly before?

So, in celebration of this I have decided to document my back fat. Yes…I just said back fat. I will be updating with a new photo and weight update every few weeks here.




What I’ll do for a medal…and the last pair of fat pants I’ll ever buy

Wow. Bit of a hiatus there. April 16 was my last update. Why? Truth is I’ve been struggling. I have lost and gained the same 3 kilos week after week after week. I have learnt plenty of lesson over this time and it’s time to learn one more. Consistency. If I am consistent with my diet and with exercise I will lose weight. It’s impossible not too. So, consistency is my new motto:


On Saturday a group of crazy ladies and myself signed up to do the Spartan Race. A 14km obstacle race through freezing rivers and dams, through mud, and barbed wire, over and under fences, up and down slippery mounds of mud into dams, across balance beams, up and down mountains dragging blocks of concrete and jumping over a fire pit. And those were only the obstacles we could actually complete! There was the 8 foot wall, the monkey bars, and the giant cargo net that I had no hope of completing (however, one amazing woman in our group did – Nicole!). We started at midday and finished in the dark, freezing cold to the bone. I loved every minute of it. And, I got a medal at the end! I was lucky enough to only end up with a few scratches and grazes and one smallish bruise on my knee, and the usual muscle pain and calf tightness. We had a few injuries along the way, but we all finished as a team. I was so proud of our team, especially those that were carrying injuries. It’s amazing what you can do when you just put one foot in front of the other, taking one obstacle at a time.


I need to train and eat the way that I tackled that obstacle course. One training session at a time, one meal at a time. And eventually I’ll get that medal of being at the fitness level and health that I want.

Last week my 1 pair of work pants finally bit the dust and got a tear up the in-seam. I was trying to avoid buying a new pair but with it being Winter I kind of needed a pair of pants to wear at work. So off I went to Target to buy their trusty comfy $20 work pants. I tried on a size 20 and a size 18. The size 18 were snug but did up and the size 20 were a tad loose so I ended up buying both. It is the last pair of size 20 or size 18 clothing I will ever buy. I have a wardrobe of beautiful cute clothing I have not been able to wear in 3 or 4 years. I want those clothes back!

Consistency – It’s the new black.

12wbt Round 1 Recap: The Round of Many Events and Pushing Myself

This round of 12wbt I am choosing to see it as and call it “The Round of many Events and Pushing Myself”. Kind of long winded, but it sums up nicely the things that I’ve done in the last 10 weeks.

Food wise it hasn’t 100%, maybe 70%? And weight loss wise I’ve maintained. I am happy that I have not put on any weight as I might of done if I hadn’t signed up. And there is still 2 more weeks so weight loss still might happen! I still have a lot of issues to sort through with food. I need to work out my intolerances, and what kind of foods work for me. I’m getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired because of what I eat.

With Round 2, 2013 Pre Season starting this week I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at what I’ve done this Round, and how I’m going to finish it off. Then I can get stuck into Round 2 Pre Season.

Here were my goals for each week and what grade I give myself:

Week 1: Finish all pre season tasks. Complete a big cook-up for lunches and dinners. Climb Kangaroo Point Stairs 5 times.

Grade: C

I did the pre season tasks though not as thoroughly as I should of and  I did a small cook-up.

I smashed those stairs!

Week 2: Complete a 15km walk. Start 3 week Fernwood Membership.

Grade: B+

I completed the walk with some awesome friends. I started the Fernwood Membership, but only went once. Oops.

Week 3: Climb a Mountain.

Grade: NA

Weather didn’t allow the mountain climb to happen unfortunately. This is moved to a goal for Round 2.

Week 4: Women’s Day 5km Fun Run – Run more than 1kmof it.

Grade: A+

Finished it and ran more than 1km of it!

Week 5: Kokoda Grunt 5km obstacle course.

Grade: A+

Finished it with just a twisted knee and a few bruises.

Week 6: UQ Twilight 5km Fun Run – run more than 2km of it.

Grade: B

Finished it, but did not complete my goal of running more than 2km of it.

Week 7: Birthday Triathlon – 5.5km walk/run, 22km bikeride, 1.5km swim – complete in one day

Grade: A+

I finished this even with the obstacles of flat tires meaning I had to use the stationary bike for the bike leg!

Week 8 : Pink Triathlon – Medium Course – 200m swim, 6km bike ride, 2km run

Grade: B

Learnt a lesson about being prepared, and being trained. Next Pink Tri I’ll be doing the long course and will train for it!

Week 9: Gold Coast Colour Run 5km

Grade: NA

Event was cancelled due to weather.

And my events coming up:

Week 10: Complete a 50km bike ride

Not going to happen until I get a new bike.

Week 11: Go Rockclimbing at Urban Climb.

This is going to be moved to Round 2. I need to be under 100kg to do this.

Week 12: Complete the Kokoda Bushwalk at Mt Cootha.

Grade: A

Completed this a few weeks ago. Now some crazy chicks want to do it twice!

Overall mark: B+ (1% off an A-)

Pretty damn happy with that!

Pinkie Triathlon – Medium Course

Last Sunday I completed my first triathlon. Yes, I know I did my birthday triathlon not long ago, but this was my first official event triathlon with a medal at the end!

The Pink Triathlon’s are triathlon’s for newbies. You can pick either the short, medium or long course. Our little group of 5 decided on the medium course: 200m swim, 6km bike ride, and 2km run. I was lucky enough to compete with a fantastic group of women: Kate, Lyndall, Ange and Tracey. We were also superbly supported by Paisley, her husband, and gorgeous twins, Charlotte and Oliver, as well as Sharon and her friend Jo. They all also acted as our official photographers for the day!

Only Kate and Ange had done a Pink Tri before so the rest of us were completely new to the event. Our one aim was to stick together and support each other throughout each leg of the race, and cross over the finish line together.

First up was the swim. I’m quite a confident swimmer so wasn’t worried at all about that part. I knew I could swim 200m as I regularly go swimming for exercise. I didn’t swim the whole 200m in freestyle but did a good portion of it. That’s the aim for next time – swim the whole thing in freestyle – and next time do the long course, a 300m swim. I finished it in 8:44 so heaps of time to take of that for the next one!

Diving into the pool:


Hopping out after the swim:


after swim

The group of us together after the swim:

swim group

Next was the bike leg. Oh, the bike leg. This was the leg I was least looking forward to. I’m just not much of a cyclist yet and had done zero training for this part of the race. It all went a bit pear shaped the night before when pumping up my tires. Richard was doing it for me, such is the gentleman he is, and when he popped off the pump he also ripped out the little nozzle the air goes into (I’m sure there’s an actual name for that!). It was okay though, we had a second bike! Until I tried to hop onto it, and couldn’t even get onto the seat as it was far too high! In a panic I messaged Kate to see if I could borrow her bike as she was borrowing someone else’s. So at 8:30pm that night I did a dash across town to pick up the bike.

Back to the race! So, once we started I found it was really really hard to peddle. I looked down and the tires were super flat! I was riding with Kate and Lyndall and they both stopped to help me try and pump them up with the pump we had but we weren’t really getting anywhere. I ended up walking my bike to the turn off where a technical helper was and he was able to pump them up! Then we were off again! There was a couple of uphills in the course too which didn’t help. I ended up walking up them, then flying down them on the return. After 3 rounds of the course, it was finally time to get back into transition and get into the 2km run to the finish line!

The official pumping up my tires:


Perfect shot of Lyndall, Kate and I on the bikes (I’m on the far left):

group bike


After the bike leg, my legs had had it, they were shaky and it took me a few hundred metres for them to stop shaking. The run leg was 2km and we had to do a 1km loop twice. And there were more hills! But, we made it through it. I ran none of it, so my aim next time is to run it!

Finally, there was the finish line! We had decided before the race that we would be crossing the finish line together and we did. It was such an amazing feeling to share that moment with these girls who I now call my friends.

All of us at the end:


Me and Kate – that girl is an inspiration!



Always a big grin at the end of these events. No matter how hard they are during, this is how I always finish:


And the medal! I’ll do anything for a medal these days!


Easter Weekend – Hot Cross Bun, Easter Egg, and Coke Zero Free!

A few months ago when I was thinking about the Easter long weekend and what I would do my first thoughts were a weekend full of sleeping in, relaxation, maybe see some movies and generally just being lazy. Then I met all these crazy ladies (love you guys!) and suddenly my weekend was filled with events and promises, plus my own crazy plan to do a Birthday Triathlon.

Yup, that’s right. It was my birthday last Tuesday. 29. Wow. I was lucky enough to have two fantastic birthday nights. One with my friends with dinner/drinks at a pub followed by sharing a dessert at Max Brenner! If you can’t enjoy a bit of chocolate on your birthday, when can you? That night I came home to an empty house, but to a lovely surprise:

Workout gear for my new gym room (almost complete!), flowers, and a Hanson CD:


The next birthday was celebrated with Rich on Thursday night, as he was working night shift the night of my actual birthday. We stayed in a hotel in the city that night, and went to Kingley’s Steak and Crab House. Highly recommend it! We didn’t even have dessert!

On Saturday I planned to do Parkrun and attempt to beat my PB (46:59) and go under 45 minutes. I had Kate has my personal running coach throughout the whole 5km pushing me and giving me support and tips (and being my personal photographer for the day), but I didn’t manage a PB. My leg muscles once again let me down, sending me into agony. I need to get a stretching/foam roller routine going as the tight muscles are now really impacting what I can do.

This is my “I’m in pain, why am I doing this to myself face”:


And, look! Yes, I am running!!!



Also on Saturday was my attempt at my Birthday Triathlon. A day in which I would complete a 5.5km walk/run, 22km bike ride and 1.5km swim equally 29kms for the day. Parkrun was the 5.5km (500 metres being the walk to my car and back as I deliberately parked away from the Parkrun start line). Once home from Parkrun I got out my bike and started riding down the hill and got about 500 metres before I realised both tires were flat. I walked the bike home, and decided that I had to do the 22km on my stationary bike. I can’t tell you how much I was not looking forward to this!! I bought my stationary bike over a year ago now and before Saturday had spent a total of 36 minutes (approximately) on it in that time. Once again, needless to say I was not looking forward to getting on that bike! Get it? I didn’t want to get on that bike!

I set up the aircon in the lounge room, put on two taped episodes of Survivor and got on the bike. 73 minutes and 7 seconds later I finished the 22km. It proved to me that I could actually spend that amount of time on the bike, so will be working it into future workouts – no excuses now!

The distance is zero as I had a count down happening of the kilometres completed!


And after I was finished:


After the bike ride, I got in the car and was off to the pool to swim 30 laps (1.5km). I have an ear infection so I had to swim the whole lot with my head out of the water. I ended up doing 26 laps using the kick board and flippers, and 4 laps swimming breaststroke with my head out.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and I had the whole lane to myself! The swim took me about an hour.


Yes, I did swim with my sunglasses on!


Getting home the pain of the day was starting to set in. My legs were cactus after making them travel 29 kilometres in the day so it was time for a hot salts and bubble bath.


And now to today. Bush walk on the Kokoda track at Mt Coo-tha with the most fabulous bunch of ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with.

I was warned before going that there was a section of the track that was practically vertical. I kind of didn’t believe them. I mean, I know the girls wouldn’t lie to me…but vertical? Really? No way.

Yes way! The walk is deceptive. It’s all down hill to start, and you get to an open field before getting back onto the track for the loop back up to where we had started. The way back is pretty much all up hill. And you think it can’t get any steeper, and you think that it must be over soon, and then there are more hills…and they get steeper and steeper, and then, yes, there’s the vertical hill right there in front of you and dear god how am I going to get up there!!!

Well, we all did, and we all did it together, and I swear I have never sweated more in my life!


Traversing a raging river Bear Grylls style!


I was looking for salmon to catch with my bare hands and eat raw too! But alas, I guess it’s not Salmon season.


Here’s the almost vertical hill climb. This photo does not do it justice at all!


Glistening after getting to the top!


Somehow I still had the energy to do this:


So, that was my Easter weekend. No hot cross buns, no Easter eggs (except for a tiny one this morning from Tracey), and yes, I’ve given up drinking coke zero. That’s a blog post for another day!

My eating has not been 100% this weekend. So back on track tomorrow with food!

Happy with what I did this weekend and the people I got to spend it with. Xoxo.

Epic Weekend – Bootcamp, Meeting Idols, and another 5km event

Wow, I can’t quite believe it is Wednesday already! Weigh In Wednesday at that! Official weight is at 103.8kg. Inching ever so close to the magical 100kg mark!

Ever since Kokoda Grunt I feel like I can do anything given enough time and the right supportive people around me. It’s an empowering feeling that I hope sticks around!


On Saturday I was able to join Coco for her epic 32km walk. I walked around 6km with her, and then a further 2 or 3 while I made my way back to my car. It such a difference to last year, when I walked 8km and felt that it was a huge achievement (which it was!). And now I walk 8km so easily and just for fun!


On Sunday was my next challenge: to run more than 2km in the Twilight 5km event. Well, I failed at this one, but I’m not too worried. There will be plenty more 5km events in my future! Plus, I still got a medal AND a singlet!


Sunday turned out to be one of the most epic days I’ve had in recent years.

It started with an invitation from Kate to go to a boot camp up in Mooloolaba that started at 7:45am. Somehow I managed to convince Richard to drop me off at Kate’s house at 6am before he had to go to work. I think the shoulder massage may have been a good incentive!

Kate and I took off to Mooloolaba making it there a bit earlier than the boot camp started giving us a chance to take the all-important photos and selfies!

The view from our outdoor boot camp:


Before boot camp – notice the lack of sweat or red face!


The boot camp session was one of the hardest I’ve ever done, and I haven’t pushed myself exercise /cardio wise in quite a while – yes, even including Kokoda Grunt!

The workout was a series of running up and down a hill, and between doing some boxing drills, mountain climbers (dips for me due to knee injury), and situps as well as a few trail runs in between. It was the running that got to me! I started feeling light headed once we got to the hill running/dips exercise, and then the nausea started up, and yup…I threw up! It was quite mortifying but also a bit of a proud moment for me. I was proud that I had pushed so hard that my body had that reaction. There were some lovely ladies that looked out for me which was so nice! I got through the workout, recovered, and it was time to get something to eat! Oh, and managed to burn 680 calories for the session too!

Here’s the red and sweaty version, after bootcamp:


After a super yummy breakfast it was time for our next adventure of the day! Meeting Michelle Bridges and the Commando at Chermside shopping centre!! We got there at around midday and there was already a big line up. Some people had gotten there at 10am to line up! First up was a quick question and answer session. I found it really hard to hear what they were saying so was just happy to look at Michelle and the Commando! Then they both lead a select group of people in a small 15 minute group workout and gave out some prizes.


After a few minutes break Michelle and the Commando were back to start signing autographs and get photos done with everyone in the line. We were told that they had to leave by 3pm, and at 2:55pm it was our turn to meet them! I had Michelle’s new book for her to sign, and the Commando was giving out cards that he had signed, but personalised with each person’s name.

I told Michelle that I had spewed in my boot camp session earlier that morning, and she said “Keep Training”, and “Respect” so I was stoked. I bet she thinks I’m a nutter telling her that, but I don’t mind! I can’t remember what I said to the Commando, something about nice to meet you!

This is me telling Michelle about my spew!


me with mish and commando

The whole time we were waiting to meet them we had our eye on the clock as we had to get to UQ for the Twilight Run by 4pm when the 5km event started!

I wasn’t too stressed, and decided to leave the fate of the afternoon up to the Universe. If I was meant to be there, then we would get there on time!

As soon as we had finished meeting Mish and the Commando, we ran/walked through Chermside shopping centre back to the car, drove to Kate’s house so she could get changed and then sped off to UQ. Once we got the corner to turn down Sir Fred Schonell Drive, I could see bumper to bumper traffic. Luckily I grew up in St Lucia so we went a different way, and managed to miss all the traffic. Kate dropped me off around 200 metres from the start line, and as soon as I got there the race started! What timing! I was supposed to be there!


I was right at the back of the pack, but thought that I would either catch up to some of my friends or see them through the race as some parts of the course double backed. I managed to see the wonderful Rina sprint past me, then the spectacular Keryn powering along. Then I saw the beautiful Tracey behind me and waited for her to catch up. It was her first 5km event! We smashed along not stopping for a second, and even ran the last 50 metres or so where Kate and Nicole were waiting to take our finishing photos! We bumped into Rina again and also the magnificent Ange! Oh, and another 400 calories burnt!

Here is Tracey on the left, and me on the right. Champions!


Straight after the race I needed to get on a bus to go pick up the car to then drive back to UQ to hopefully see the end of the 10km race to cheer on the competitors.

Well, Mother Nature had other plans. On the way driving back to UQ I stopped to get petrol at a BP, and that’s when the storm hit. I was filling up, getting sprayed with freezing cold water and got absolutely soaked. After filling up, I parked in one of the parking spots to wait out the storm. There was no way I was going to drive in that kind of storm! Unfortunately, my phone was down to 1% battery! I thought about it for about 20 minutes, sent off a message to Richard to let him know my phone was dying, and then a brilliant thought hit me! Maybe one of the BP employees has an iPhone 5 charger I can borrow! I walked in and asked and turns out they sell them! Thank the universe!!!

Once I had the phone charging the storm was starting to move away so I decided to try and drive to UQ so I could meet up with Kate and get my things. As I was driving I noticed the front windscreen was completely fogging up, so I pulled over and had to call Richard to help me with how to defog the windscreen! While I was doing that, I had a knock on the passenger side window and a young chap told me that my petrol tank was open. Argh! I asked him if he could close it for me, which he did. Thank you young chap!

Finally… finally, I got back to UQ, met up with Kate, and it was finally time to head home to shower, get warm and get some much needed sleep.

What a day! I can’t wait for the next adventure!!!

Kokoda Grunt – 5km Obstacle Challenge – CHECK!

Saturday, 16th of March, has been in my mind ever since I signed up for the Kokoda Grunt, a 5km or 15km obstacle course a few months ago. I chose the 5km course.

I’ve known that the day was getting closer but whenever it would pop into my mind I would put the thoughts out of my head. I wasn’t ready to think that I could actually complete a 5km obstacle course. After doing Tom Law’s Challenge obstacle course a few months ago, and having a panic attack at the cargo net, could I really believe that I could do Kokoda Grunt?

As time usual does, it moved forward until it was the day before the event. I bought a new shirt and singlet to wear to the event. A black shirt that was better suited to being in the water, and a Michelle Bridges singlet. If I was going to get muddy than so was Michelle!


The courageous Lyndall picked me up in the wee hours of the morning so we could start our 2 hour drive to the event which was held at the Maroon Dam. The whole way we were talking about the event, what our fears were, and that we were both so scared. We both agreed that we would take it one step at a time, and one obstacle at a time, and if we both agreed that we couldn’t do a particular obstacle that it was okay for us to walk around it.

There was no traffic the entire way until we got to the event where we saw this:


There were a couple of different parking areas and thankfully we got to go to the parking area closest to the event. This was even more important when we had finished as I’m not sure I could have walked the extra 400m to the next car park!

First up was lining up for registration, buying some gloves (so thankful we had those!) then getting our numbers written on our arms in case we lost our shirt numbers (which I did!), a quick pee stop and we were off!


The first part of the course was all up hill. It felt like it went forever, but was maybe a kilometre. At the top of the mountain we came across our first obstacle, a short wall. It was taller than me so it was probably around 6ft high. As we were just a team of two we decided to walk around this one.

The view from half way up the mountain:


After the wall, there was a down hill walk down to our next obstacle. Here is me on the down hill walk. If you look closely my whole face is dripping with sweat! That white under my neck must be sunscreen that wasn’t rubbed in.


The next obstacle was a slide into a dam then a climb out the other side up a slope of mud. This was one of the most fun obstacles and the cool water was so refreshing after our mega hike.

Here is Lyndall and I after the slide. Unfortunately, my camera had a few water spots on it, but you can see the slide in the background!


Here’s are all the obstacles we did:

  • Big slide down into a dam, and up a muddy slope on the other side.
  • Crawled under a cargo net up a muddy slope.
  • Pulled ourselves across a dam with an overhead rope – s0 much fun!!!
  • Stepped/crawled over tires on the ground under barbed wire.
  • Crab crawled across a cargo net over a rocky river bed.
  • Ran through smoke-filled fires.
  • Flipped over a tractor tire.
  • Got dunked into a skip filled with ice water.
  • Crawled through mud under logs and barbed wire.
  • Crawled under a cargo net up a steep hill.
  • Swam/walked across swamp waters (and back again)
  • Jumped off a 4 meter wall into a dam.

The ones we skipped out on were:

  • Low wall climb
  • High wall climb
  • Carrying 20kg sandbag up a steep incline (we figured we were already carrying around enough excess weight!)
  • Carrying a log around a course (we didn’t have enough people to do it with as it required 10 people)

The hardest obstacles were the mud crawl under the logs and barbed wire. It just seemed to go on forever, and you had to use your whole body to wriggle through. Towards the end they hosed some more water down on us so it became more slippery and was easier to slide!


The other hardest one was the steep climb up the hill under the cargo net. This was one of the last obstacles and we were not looking forward to doing yet another hill. The ground was hard and rough and bruised up my knees. It was a relief when we had gotten to the top!

Between all the obstacles was a lot of walking through bush up and down gully’s and some quite steep inclines (both up and down). I managed to fall 3 times. The first time twisting both ankles, after 10 minutes walking the initial pain went away. The second time I twisted both again, and then the third time just twisted my right side and have done some damage to my knee. My hip on that side is also sore, but not too surprised as that’s the hip that always hurts after I do these things. I’m limping a bit today on the knee but hoping it’s all healed up ready for the UQ Twilight Run next Sunday.

The final obstacle was a jump off a 4 metre wall (just estimating the height, maybe it was higher?). The first challenge was actually getting up to the top of the wall. We first had to get ourselves up on the structure, and then crawl up a steep board to the top.

This is when Lyndall decided to tell me she was scared of heights. As soon as we were up there and looking down to the water, I said we were jumping on 3, counted to 3 and we jumped in! The dam must have been pretty deep as I was expecting I’d be able to push off from the bottom of it, but no, I had to swim to the top. I had a second of panic but then broke through the surface to get some air. We then had to climb out of the dam, again, up a muddy hill. Lyndall went straight up the middle, the most slippery part, while I went around the side.

Finally, there was the finish sign. We held hands as we crossed, posed for our pictures, and jumped into the lake to wash off the mud.


We got changed, and headed to the medical tent where I got some ice for my knee and Lyndall got some antiseptic sprayed onto a cut on her knee. Our battles wounds tended to it was now time to head home.

I could not have done this course without Lyndall, and now I can’t wait for Tough Mudder in August!!!

finish 1