Getting back on track with the back fat cronicles

Since my last update a few weeks ago I have continued to struggle and have lost no weight (but also not gained – yay!). I did go to the gym once, and did some running training once and have improved my water intake. So I see all of those as positives, but I am still not being consistent.

I think I need new reasons for losing weight. Looking good, and being able to do a push up on my toes isn’t doing it for me. I need to do it for health. To lower my risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I also want to have a baby in the next few years and it’s important to me to be at my goal weight and fit when I get pregnant.

Sure, I want to be hot too, but I have a boyfriend who thinks I’m hot already so I’m doing this for health now. Seems so simple, why didn’t I think of these reasons properly before?

So, in celebration of this I have decided to document my back fat. Yes…I just said back fat. I will be updating with a new photo and weight update every few weeks here.




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